Saturday, February 17, 2007

Two more

Forgot to add these two to last post.


Sheri Alford said...

Hi Cuyler,

I recognize Hallye and Jonathan's wedding portrait. I have enjoyed browsing your portfolio. Your work is very good. I especially like the piece with the mom and two kids. The folk tale illustrations are nice as well.

Your mom tells me you are teaching while working on your advanced degree. Welcome to education!

Sheri Alford

thevainmusic said...

That first one is awesome! I look great! Your attention to detail is marvelous.

Dr. Rorye Broaddus said...

Great two pictures, they both bring out so many details a lot of artist dont seem to cover. Especially the top.

Jenny Willmore said...

These are great!.... hmm... that first guy looks familiar


Melody said...

Sorry it took me a while...a long while. Both amazing. I love the one of Torrey. It's really good. Honestly, really amazing work Cuyler.