Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Character Illustrations

A nerdy spy that is a cross between James Bond and Napolean Dynamite. I added the Bond girl and car for fun.

An old western law man that still commands respect.

A young boy that enjoys dressing up as a superhero using household items for his costume.


Michele Gottlieb said...

woo cowboy...glad u had some inspiration in figuring out some originals! they look good :) although i have to say, the faces of the girls always seem to have the same proportions...or maybe i've just grown accustomed to your work. :) anyways...yeehaw cowboy! lookin good

DavidArt said...

I really Like the look of these

the sheepish lion said...

umm pretty much the most amazing things i have ever seen, other than my car picture, and the bear and kid from the sweedish folktales. you are an amazing artist.