Wednesday, November 7, 2007

quick oil painting

I have been working more and more with oils and traditional media. This was a quick oil painting I did yesterday that took about and hour and a half. I was focusing on light and color relationships.


Emma said...

Not only are you a master of the pencil, but now you have taken on oil painting as well. you never stop impressing me. I appreciate the consistancy of your style and even more so that you are able to capture your visions with the same continuity, be it digital or in a more traditional manner.

Money Cents said...

Great Yosemite scene. Brings back great memories.

TK said...

Cuyler, how do you do this so "quick"? It may take an unskilled artist, like myself, a week to master this concept. Success is upon you. Keep studying in grad school! Make good choices.