Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Zamboni Transformer

Below are the first drafts for an illustration of a Zamboni Transformer. Since a kid I have always been amazed by the Zamboni, and growing up with the toys as well as the televison show I have always been a fan of Transformers. After watching the movie, I came up with this idea. I wanted the Zamboni to resemble a ice hockey goalie and have the parts of the zam appear like goalie equipment.

I still want to add some more detail and parts to this one. I will render and digitally paint it once I am happy with drawing.

This is the first attempt of the concept. With projects like this one I will do multiple drafts adding and subtracting aspects until I reach a drawing that I want to take to completion. I wanted to show a little of my process and how I like to work.


Unknown said...

The Zamboni is lookin good. When I was in a fraternity, we always wanted one to help clean up the house after big parties. lol. I think a zamboni transformer could be very useful. I'd like to see it developed further!
Keep it up,

thevainmusic said...

Wow! What a concept! You've successfully captured both, hockey goaltender and Zamboni, in a come-to-life robot! You never cease to amaze. Keep creating!

jdb15700 said...

Big daddy Cuy,
The transformer is amazing!
You have encompassed every aspect of the zamboni.
The augers for legs, the propane tanks for arms, the hydrolic cylinders to control the arms, the engine side pannels for the forearm the battery for a pelvis, I could go on and on. Since I am on one of these machines everyday I can truly appreciate the level of detail put into this work.
GOOD JOB! and keep it up.