Saturday, March 3, 2007

Experimenting with watercolor

Lately I have wanted to branch out and learn new mediums that I haven't used before. These are some quick watercolor studies i did to help me understand and control the medium.

On these sky studies I wanted to focus on light and mood. These samples are my first attempt at watercolor.

I also wanted to play with textures within the watercolor media. Starting from the top, I investigated: wood, marble, and finally rust. These were just a few of the many studies I am doing to help teach myself a new medium.


Michele Gottlieb said...

wow i'm lovin it C...keep them coming!! even with a different medium you've got it down. proud of you for trying new concepts!! :)

Jenny Willmore said...

these are excellent cuyler! Water color isn't the easiest medium to use, and you did a good job. :-)

Dr. Rorye Broaddus said...

you take basic elementary water color and take it to a profession type level.